Monday, 7 January 2013

Beardy And The Geek: T-Rex Jones Takes It Down To The Wire

For the first Beardy And The Geek podcast of 2013, Tristan 'T-Rex' Jones discusses the ins and outs of the Pozible campaign to fund Sebastian Hawks, with only a short push needed to successfully finalize the initial stage of this exciting project.

Jones talks candidly about the realities of fundraising and the reservations some have expressed towards crowdfunding campaigns generally, as well as the influences of Sebastian Hawks.

Also Emmet inadvertently proposes a special kind of mascot. 

With less than four days left at the time of recording, this show was quickly put together to support the project. So if the premise of a gentleman adventurer fighting monsters sounds appealing, you still have time to put some coinage towards this exciting series.

Sebastian Hawks Creature Hunter

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